Houston, we’ve got a problem.

The software industry is in crisis.
Every aspect of software development is broken.

Cost. There’s little correlation between the project budget and actual costs. And that’s for version 1.0. Forget about future evolution, expansion, and extension.

Schedule. Project deadlines are rarely met. Blame inefficient development processes. Dependencies between activities. And disagreements over the fastest and safest ways to build software systems.

Talent. Enterprise software has more dependencies than mere humans can keep track of. Staffing costs to simply operate and maintain software — much less continuously improve it — are prohibitive.

Quality. Defect-free software? It’s a pipe dream for most developers. The defect count just keep rising as they try to correct known defects, add features — or just maintain what’s there.

These problems aren’t new. Many developers have resigned themselves to living with them — to grin and bear it. Understandably, many are skeptical that there’s a better way.


Reimagining the Future of Software Development

250 person-years of research and development. That’s the equivalent of three lifetimes we’ve spent imagining a better, faster way to build and deliver great software. The fruit of our labor is Guide-Rails®—the world’s most advanced Software Delivery Platform. Corraling all of your tools, technologies, and infrastructure behind one beautiful interface, Guide-Rails® reflects the audacious wish lists of gifted engineers. Platform architects. UX designers. Agile-CI/CD-DevOps enthusiasts. Compliance and governance gurus. Infrastructure automation geeks. And bold early adopters. Welcome to a new era of greatness in software engineering.


Guide-Rails® blends creativity with discipline, combining developer freedom with empirical data and marrying development velocity with continuous testing regiments. Every project, every feature, every workflow, every process, every line of code, every test, every function, every orchestration, every success, every failure, every build, every integration, every packaging, every deployment, every developer effort … it is all natively integrated, visible, auditable, and reliably repeatable.



Advisory Board

James Barrese

Former SVP & CTO Paypal, SVP Chime

Sherri Littlejohn

Former SVP, Internal Innovation
Strategies, Wells Fargo

Stephen Schenk

EVP & Head of Shared Services,
TD Bank

Radhika Venkataraman

CIO Global Markets,
CIO/CTO CS US, Credit Suisse

Paul Lehman

Former CIO, Blucora

Rashmi Kumar

VP, Information Technology, HPE

Phil Fasano

Former Global CIO, AIG

Phyllis Post

Former VP & CIO, Global Health, Merck

Kjersten Margaret Moody

Chief Data & Analytics Officer,
State Farm

Aidi Ignatius

Editor In Chief
Harvard Business Review

Steve Mansour

Former Head of Engineering, Apple

Christophe Duthoit

Global Technology Partnerships, BCG

Leadership Team

Eric Billingsley

Co-Founder & CEO

Basheer Janjua

Founder, Chairman & President

Robert Boyd


Justin Webster

Engineering Leader

Yoga Ganesha

Engineering Leader

Pinaki Sarkar

Engineering Leader

CJ Napolitano


Yael Adler

Engineering Leader

Greg Campbell