August 24 2021

Trend Watch: Value Stream Delivery Platforms (VSDPs)

August 24 2021

Thought leaders conclude that by 2023, nearly half of dev organizations will have switched from multiple point solutions to VSDPs.

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8 Basic SDLC Methodologies and How to Choose the Best One?

When it comes to developing a software application, there are specific steps that the development team follows. Collectively these are known as the software development life cycle (SDLC) and even if you didn’t choose one, your organization has some sort of methodology in place.
November 3 2021
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Modernize & secure your lifecycle with DevSecOps

Short for development, security, and operations, DevSecOps is the automatic integration of security into every phase of the software development cycle.
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Focusing Beyond CI/CD

CI/CD is helpful for software development speed and quality, but it has some pitfalls that require businesses and developers to consider the bigger picture.

September 30 2021
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What is Your Software Testing Strategy?

When you lack a robust software testing strategy, you run the risk of not meeting stakeholder needs

September 21 2021
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Value Stream Management Platform: the 10,000 ft. View

Value stream management for software products is focused on customers – and creates value to delight and retain them

September 8 2021
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New Regulations, New Opportunities for Developers

The federal government’s new cybersecurity executive order leaves a lot to unpack.

August 17 2021
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The SolarWinds Breach and Securing the SDLC

This highly publicized security breach has negatively impacted many businesses. As firms review their software development process to prevent a similar situation, we provide our thoughts.

January 21 2021
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Self-Service Software Development and Delivery Platform: Buy vs. Build

The recent State of DevOps 2020 Report released by Puppet highlights several areas, including how organizations that utilize internal platforms have a high level of maturity in software development and delivery.

December 4 2020
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Most Enterprise Devops Transformations Fail for This One Reason

Search for books with the keyword “devops” and you’ll have 970+ to choose from.

August 1 2020
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Is fear of change preventing your devops transformation from getting off the ground?

It all begins with an idea.Having led and consulted on a number of enterprise DevOps transformation initiatives over the past two decades, there are four key behaviors to enable success (beyond looking at the software development lifecycle as an end-to-end value chain) that are commonly undervalued or overlooked when executing transformations.

July 28 2020
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Innovation Requires Trust

I’ve worked with some of the most innovative companies in the world and I’ve interacted with some of the least innovative companies in the world. What I’ve learned is simple: innovation requires trust.

July 15 2020
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Devops Tools Are Growing Up

In a recent talk at QCon, Yevgeniy Brikman asserted that the DevOps industry is in “the stone ages.” That’s a bold statement, and we generally agree, but not completely.

July 1 2020
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