Developer+ Series

We are proudly launching the Developer + Series, 
a tour de force into advanced learning into the heart 
of Computer Science to further develop Software Engineers to new levels of greatness. The series consists of six modules every year. Each module 
will be lead by faculty from the top universities and distinguished industry leaders. 

All the modules will focus on delivering advanced materials to equip developers to lead their organizations successfully through Digital Transformation.

Developer+ Series Module I

Most incumbent organizations have tremendous opportunity to drive greater operating efficiency, improved customer outcomes, and long-term competitive advantage through the use of data-driven artificial intelligence and machine learning in their core products and services. Many organizations are facing challenges with the ability to demonstrate value from their AI/ML initiatives. Typically, this is not a result of lack of vision, potential use cases, or even prototypes; instead, it usually arises from the inability to consistently deploy and maintain at-scale solutions in mission-critical production environments.

The goal of this module is to provide the architecture and design of the digital brain for every organization to bring awareness, consciousness and advanced intelligence necessary to lead in the Digital age.

Design Thinking

Creating Jaw Dropping UX

Data Science, AI / MLOps

Foundational Components of the Digital Brain


Secrets of Building Great Code

December 8 / 2021

2-6pm EDT

ZOOM Event

Dr. Erin MacDonald

Assistant Professor, Stanford University Department of Mechanical Engineering, Product Design
Design Thinking
Creating Jaw Dropping UX

2pm-2:45 EDT
2:45-3pm Break

Jeff Erhardt

Former EVP Intelligent Systems and Industrial AI, GE
Data Science, AI / ML Ops
The Blueprint for AI/ML Platform

3pm-3:45 EDT
3:45-4pm Break

Gary Gruver

Software Delivery Transformation Leader (formerly at HP and Macy’
Software Development & Delivery Transformation

4pm-4:45 EDT
4:45-5pm Break

5pm-5:30 Developer Town Hall

Eric Billingsley
Co-Founder & CEO, Guide-Rails®

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