Software Engineering Reimagined

250 person-years. That’s the equivalent of three lifetimes we’ve spent imagining a better, faster way to build and deliver great software. The fruit of our labor is GuideRails®—the world’s most advanced software engineering platform. Corraling all of your tools, technologies, and infrastructure behind one beautiful interface, Guide-Rails®® reflects the audacious wish lists of gifted engineers. Platform architects. UX designers. Agile-CI/CD-DevOps enthusiasts. Compliance and governance gurus. Infrastructure automation geeks. And bold early adopters. Welcome to a new era of greatness in software engineering.

All-in-One Automation Platform

The Guide-Rails® Platform contains seven Capability Modules. Together they give you everything you need to automate software development and delivery.


Cloud & Infrastructure Management

Most engineers just want a place to run their code. But that’s more complicated than it sounds. Each cloud environment and container runtime requires separate skills. And those skills keep changing.


DevOps Administration

To lead your market, you need to get new features and bug fixes to your customers ASAP. But most DevOps tool chains slow things down. They’re just not designed for self-service and rapid iteration.


Configuration Management

There are almost as many ways to do software configuration management as there are software code bases. With Guide-Rails®® you can manage configurations the same way, regardless of language and operating system.

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CI/CD & DevOps

CI/CD and DevOps are hard. Guide-Rails®® makes it easier—even for teams without DevOps expertise. The difference? Guide-Rails®® treats DevOps challenges holistically.


QE & Test Automation

QA, automated testing, and InfoSec activities are essential practices. Despite that, they’re often treated separately from the development process.


SecOps Compliance & Governance

Compliance and governance are necessary and important concerns. And yet they’re often treated as an afterthought or as bureaucratic “red tape”—if they’re even considered at all.


Value Stream Management

Your business runs on software. It’s the engine for operations, the source of innovation, and the face of the company to customers.

“We shape our tools and thereafter they shape us.”

John M. Culkin

Industry leaders envision the future of software