We won’t mince words: CI/CD and DevOps are hard. Guide-Rails® makes them easier, even for teams without DevOps expertise. It treats DevOps holistically instead of as a set of disconnected tools to learn and integrate.


Guide-Rails® Breakthroughs

Enable CI/CD and DevOps “out of the box.” No integration needed.

Pave the way to adopting mature DevOps practices.

Shift testing to the left. Automated CI/CD lets you spot issues sooner.

Generate real-time reports to spot errors sooner and shrink cycle times

View key development metrics across organizations, products, and teams

Scale CI/CD and DevOps across the enterprise

Security Scans

Gain visibility into software security vulnerabilities in code and open source libraries. Guide-Rails® runs multiple types of security scans after every commit. Review the vulnerabilities and set priorities.


Beyond basic CI, Guide-Rails® supports packaging, publishing, and deploying artifacts and applications. This includes Docker container images and reusable VM images.


Build every code base using your preferred tools and conventions. Guide-Rails® executes all build tasks and scripts in clean, ephemeral environments — reliably and repeatably.

Unit Test

Guide-Rails® detects industry-standard unit test report formats, ingests the data, and displays it. Not having to manually check log output or other files saves time.

Code Coverage

Guide-Rails® detects and ingests industry-standard test coverage report formats. View coverage details — aggregate and line-level — right within Guide-Rails®. No need for framework-specific HTML coverage reports.

Static Analysis

Built-in support for industry-standard static analysis tools and reports gives you insight into the quality and composition of every code base. Detect quality issues and defects sooner, when they’re easier to fix.


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