Most engineers just want a place to run their code. But that's more complicated than it sounds. Each cloud environment and container runtime requires separate skills -- and they keep changing. Guide-Rails® makes it easier to deploy in public, private, and hybrid clouds--even for teams without any prior cloud or container expertise.

Guide-Rails® Breakthroughs

Obtain infrastructure on-demand. No waiting for infrastructure teams.

Test in your own environment. Guide-Rails®, automatically spins up an ephemeral environment whenever you commit.

Release new software faster. Differentiate your business through constant innovation.

Increase agility. Run the software that runs the business on a hybrid cloud.

Reduce infrastructure costs. Pay for ephemeral testing environments only as long as they’re needed.



Guide-Rails® gives you a choice of development and deployment paradigms. Build, test, and deploy in Salesforce, serverless environments like AWS Lambda and Fargate, and other targets.

Continous Deployment

Guide-Rails® is far more than a continuous integration (CI) platform. By treating VM and container deployments as first-class features, Guide-Rails® makes it much easier to grow beyond CI — to continuous deployment (CD).


With Guide-Rails®, Canary deployment is as easy as selecting a setting. Rolling out new features to a subset of users lets you spot issues sooner, when remediation is faster and costs less.


With just a couple of clicks, deploy the latest version or roll back to an older version. Knowing you can quickly roll back a bad release to a good state takes the stress out of frequent releases.


Deploy applications as VMs or as containers on Kubernetes. Choose either option within a pipeline — or both.


Deploy applications in VMware data centers, on cloud platforms, or both. Picture it: test in an ephemeral cloud environment, deploy to a hybrid VMWare and cloud environment. Guide-Rails® gives you the best of both worlds.

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