To lead your market, you need to get new features or bug fixes to your customers ASAP. 
But most DevOps tool chains slow things down. They’re just not designed for self-service and rapid iteration. For example, centralized platforms often come with tight controls. And distributed systems force teams to re-invent every process. Guide-Rails® helps you move faster by giving all teams a common platform where they can efficiently configure, monitor, and maintain their data and processes.

Guide-Rails® Breakthroughs

Access everything in one place — infrastructure, SCM repositories, DevSecOps tools, CI/CD pipelines, and telemetry data.

Stop reinventing the wheel. Save time by using the same processes, tools, and workflows for all products.

Freely assign developers where they’re needed most. All teams use the same tools, infrastructure technologies, and workflows.

Shrink cycle times. Teams work faster when they have consistent tools and processes.

Free up developers’ time for experimentation and innovation.

Continuous Integration

One of the toughest aspects of CD and DevOps is integrating all of your development frameworks, SaaS products, and IaaS providers. With built-in connections to standard DevOps tools, providers, and services, Guide-Rails® makes integration simpler and faster.

Product Management

Navigate easily between all projects and code bases that Guide-Rails® manages. With full CI build, scan, and test coverage on every branch, you can spot problems caused by code changes right away — without looping in other team members.

Source Control

Direct integrations with source control APIs simplify your daily routines. For example, Guide-Rails® streamlines the pull request review process by letting you view the pipeline status from within the GitHub pull request.

User Authentication

Centralize user management. Guide-Rails® seamlessly integrates with your existing LDAP, SSO or OAuth systems for delegated authentication and role-based access control.

Artifact Management

Integrate Guide-Rails® directly with your existing Artifact Management system. Pipelines consume artifacts from your repositories — and publish repositories using secure, reusable configurations.

Infrastructure Automation

Different cloud providers use different infrastructure abstractions. Guide-Rails® spares you from having to keep up with constantly evolving cloud APIs — freeing more time for the innovation that gives your company a competitive edge.

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