Guide-Rails® integrates QE, automated testing, and InfoSec activities right into your development process -- where they belong. Every change to an application, configuration, environment, or software stack triggers automated tests, giving you confidence that your software is working as it should.

Guide-Rails® Breakthroughs

See test results right away. No need to wait for someone else.

Free time for higher-value testing.

Spawn test environments as part of CI workflow.

Test at every change, to

  • Reduce support costs
  • Increase software quality
  • Protect brand reputation
  • Reduce risk when rearchitecting or refactoring applications

Ephemeral Environment Creation

The hitch to automated testing? Waiting for a test environment. With Guide-Rails® you can quickly create ephemeral environments — and just as quickly dispose of them when testing is complete. Not having to wait for a testing environment gives teams the freedom to execute tests at any time. For even quicker feedback, run tests in parallel environments.

Dynamic Security Scans

Shift left by detecting security vulnerabilities early on, with Guide-Rails® Dynamic Security Scanning.

Process Logs

Monitor the progress of running pipelines on Guide-Rails® streaming pipeline job logs. Quickly search logs, and download them. Guide-Rails® automatically redacts sensitive data like passwords and certificates .

E2E Integration Test

Creating and maintaining automated end-to-end test suites is simpler with Guide-Rails®. Just provision an ephemeral environment, and deploy Guide-Rails®-managed applications as dependencies.

Test Data

Guide-Rails® helps you stay on top of test results by automatically aggregating test metrics from each job within a pipeline. View per-job and combined test counts — even when jobs use different test frameworks.

Logs Archive

Investigate issues retroactively — Guide-Rails® captures and archives logs for all pipelines. Say a new version of an indirect dependency subtly changes your app’s behavior. Just examine logs of past pipeline runs to identify when the change occurred and which versions of your app are affected.

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