Your business runs on software. It’s the engine for operations, the source of innovation, and the face of the company to customers. How well you manage the software value stream helps define whether you’re first to market, or a laggard. Guide-Rails® gives you a competitive advantage in value stream management by pulling together all data. From all pipelines. From all business units.

Guide-Rails® Breakthroughs

View real-time metrics.

See the big picture — understand your contribution to overall organizational goals.

Monitor value stream metrics over time.

Detect issues with compliance and open source security.

Gain insights to accelerate innovation.

Feature Lead Time

How long does it take your organization to introduce new features and fixes? Most software teams can’t answer. Guide-Rails® reports Feature Lead Time, a strategic metric business leaders can use to measure innovation.

Cloud Costs

Are you paying for idle cloud resources? You don’t have to. GuideRails spins up ephemeral environments for build and test as needed — automatically decommissioning them when the work is done. Dynamic compute resources also avoid the waste of human capital when developers need to wait for an environment.

DevOps Research Assesment (DORA)

Measuring team performance is a must-have for value stream management. Guide-Rails® reports widely adopted DORA metrics like deployment frequency, mean lead time for changes, mean time to recover, and change failure rate. By monitoring trends you can confirm that you’re continuously improving — and make timely changes if not.

Product Quality

Deployment speed can’t come at a cost to quality. With Guide-Rails® scanning tools and metrics, developers can quickly detect, assess, and resolve quality issues — usually before creating a Pull Request. To shield your customers from quality issues, you can specify quality thresholds for release.

Developer Productivity

The force behind your value stream is your people — and Guide-Rails® can significantly improve their productivity. Real-time telemetry helps developers detect quality and security issues early, when they take less time to fix. Automating step-by-step processes like provisioning test and build environments saves more time, freeing developers to focus on innovation.

Cycle Time

Taking a page from queuing theory — the mathematical study of waiting lines — Guide-Rails® reports Cycle Time so you can measure workflow efficiency and productivity. Some of our customers have compressed the time between “bug reported” and “bug fix released” to less than an hour, including all quality, testing, and review processes. Value stream management provides a competitive edge.

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